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Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Linkedin is my favorite platform! I've gained over 5000 followers by sharing relevant, consistent, and motivational content for targeted industry professionals. Did I mention that this social network is used by seasoned industry professionals who are serious about growing their businesses. If you are ready to build professional connections this platform is for you. LinkedIn is by far the largest global professional network with more than 770 million members in more than 200 countries worldwide.

I’m excited to share how the algorithm works and how to navigate it. Let’s dive in!

Your Profile

One of the easiest ways to grow your LinkedIn profile is to keep it up to date. You want your profile to convey what your business is about and how you can help others. Make sure your profile has:

1. Images

2. Where you’re located

3. A detailed Bio and Profile

4. An updated website URL and contact information

Understanding the Algorithm

So how does the LinkedIn news feed work? Unlike Facebook and Instagram, your LinkedIn feed does not have the option to go in order based upon time and day, instead, you are shown content from others based on the primary algorithm. The LinkedIn algorithm has two objectives, to prioritize relevant content and promote its users. This platform is very intentional.

Strategy is Key!

To grow your Linkedin network, you'll want to be strategic. If you really want to grow your network, start with accepting the RIGHT invites. Remember, quality vs. quantity.

1. Connections you know

2. Connections you've met through your job or networking events

3. Connections who work in your field or industry

4. Connections that you want to partner with

Be intentional with how you grow your professional network.

Share relevant content

You can start by sharing relevant content that aligns with your interests and career or occupation. If you offer a service or product make sure you are offering a solution for their needs. My goal is to share content that resonates with my customer persona. If I hit on the pain points of my audience, and provide a solution they will stay engaged. Download this free template to learn how to break down your target audience so you can start to share relevant content. Right click and select "save image as"

Get out there

Paid Ads, Cross Promotion, and adding value in groups are all ways you can promote your posts on LinkedIn. And remember, sometimes you have to pay to play.

Respond to your connections

We can’t comment on every post, but if you are not responding to any comments you are actually working against the algorithm. Set out a few hours each week to connect and check-in with your network.

Post at times that your target audience is active

Wondering when to publish your posts? Everyone asks this question. You can use online software such as Later, Hootsuite, or Hubspot to provide these types of analytics. If your goal is to buckle down on a top-tier strategy, then I advise you to publish content 4 times a week so your engagement stays active.

Aim for authenticity

1. Get personal in your posts or videos.

2. Ask questions, and share polls.

3. Offer tips or experiences you’ve had in your career.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags categorize your content on LinkedIn. If there is none, the algorithm cannot categorize it. If there are too many, it will appear in categories unrelated to your target audience.

The DM Feature

Linkedin always finds a way to make connections more accessible. I love the direct message feature that allows you to take a public comment conversation and move it to your inbox! From there you can send videos, attachments, and even audio messages. You want to be very authentic and less sales-y so your message won’t get trashed by the receiver.

Be consistent with how you grow your professional network and have some fun! Stay tuned for more blogs!

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