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Garth Media Academy

Tools & Trainings

Stop struggling with social media and email marketing, and start gaining the knowledge and tools to enhance your online presence and increase brand awareness with Garth Media Academy.

The Academy Benefits

$175 each month

  • 90-Day Business Planning Guide

  • Two Social Media Coaching session per month

  • Free Garth Media Accountability Planner


Upcoming Trainings & Tips

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Get up to do date social media marketing tips and be the first to know about our upcoming trainings. Be sure to read our blog for helpful strategies for audience growth on different social media platforms.

Garth Media Planner

  • The Garth Media Planner is the guide and accountability you need to grow and scale your business!​

  • Marketing is a powerful piece of the business puzzle, but it’s not the only piece. With the Garth Media Planner you’ll have a weekly and monthly view to organize, strategize, and deliver on your goals for systems, processes, and sustainability. 

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